Best blog editorial calendar: CoSchedule does the job

Best blog editorial calendar CoSchedule

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Best blog editorial calendar CoScheduleWhen I got serious about blogging, I searched all over the Internet for the best blog editorial calendar I could find. I wanted something that would help me track ideas, plan content, schedule posts and more.

CoSchedule has proven to be the best blog editorial calendar out there. (Caveat: I use self-hosted WordPress, so this may not apply to bloggers using other platforms.)

Easily integrates with WordPress

CoSchedule easily integrates with WordPress through a plugin. You can start new posts in either CoSchedule or in your WordPress blog. The CoSchedule plugin means you can schedule your posts in WordPress, and they will appear on your CoSchedule online calendar; likewise, you can save a draft in WordPress, and then schedule it in the CoSchedule calendar itself.

Either way, you can easily see upcoming blog posts on an orderly calendar using CoSchedule.

Best blog editorial calendar CoSchedule

CoSchedule integrates so easily with WordPress!


Organize your posts by color coding

I have several categories in which I write blog posts. I love that my CoSchedule calendar allows me to color code them. For example, I can make all posts that are reviews or use affiliate links green (for money!), and then I can easily see if I’m posting too many of those posts too close together.

Link social media and schedule multiple posts to promote your content

I use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn to promote content. CoSchedule allows me to integrate my pages and accounts, with the exception of Pinterest, and easily schedule posts to promote my content all in one place. Before, I would have to use a different WP plugin or schedule using a third-party application, or at worst, remember to keep promoting older posts weeks or months out. No more!

CoSchedule allows you to schedule posts on the day of, week after, month after or custom date to promote your content.

best blog editorial calendar - social media scheduling

Easily schedule social posts to promote your content. Set social messages for the same day as your post, the following day, a week after, a month after, or set your own custom schedule!

CoSchedule integrates with Evernote

I am a huge fan of Evernote for all things writing and communications. Evernote is a collaborative workspace that allows you to collect inspirational ideas, research, writing and drafts, notes, to-do lists and reminders and pretty much everything you would ever need.

I use Evernote to jot down blog posts ideas, capture websites or web pages that I use for research, take notes from clients/work, capture images and so much more. Evernote is available on any device or via the Internet, so I can easily make a note via my mobile phone of that brilliant blog post idea while standing in line at the grocery store.

CoSchedule integrates with Evernote, so I can easily see my blog post ideas or drafts and place them on my CoSchedule blog editorial calendar.

Access your blog editorial calendar from anywhere online

Sometimes I only take my laptop with me. With CoSchedule, I never have to worry about having forgotten my planner anywhere. I just log in via the CoSchedule website, and voila! My work is all there ready to begin from anywhere.

CoSchedule: Best blog editorial calendar

CoSchedule starts at $15 per month, but you can try it for free for 14 days. Support is superb, and it’s so intuitive that anyone could use it. Check out CoSchedule’s overview video for more details.

It’s proven to be the best blog editorial calendar tool out there! What tool do you currently use? What questions do you have about how I use CoSchedule?


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