5 Things You Should Stop Doing On Twitter

5 things you should stop doing on twitter

I’ve been tweeting since January 2009. Over that time, I’ve built a decent following and enjoyed new and lasting business relationships and personal friendships from using Twitter. Since delving into the world of blogging more seriously, I’ve been growing my following again, but I’ve noticed some habits lately that drive most people crazy. So here, 5 things you should STOP doing on […]

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The Mom Quilt e-book exceeds its goal!

Water truck at The Mercy House

I’ve written about The Mom Quilt e-book for quite some time now. Over the weekend, I learned that The Mom Quilt e-book, combined with two other fundraisers, raised the $40,000 goal to build a well for fresh water at The Mercy House. We raised $40,000 in two months! My heart is overjoyed that this project succeeded. It was a labor […]

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Four ways to improve your writing

Four Ways to Improve Writing

I’ve been writing and editing for a long time. I’ve come up with four easy ways to improve your writing by learning to take feedback well. 1. Don’t marry your work. I believe writers are artists. And inevitably, we will produce a piece of writing or communications that we think is just brilliant. Also, inevitably, someone will critique it. It’s […]

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Why I blog

There is no greater agony than bearing the untold story inside of you. Maya Angelou

I began blogging as an outlet for myself and to practice my writing craft. The difficulty with having a public blog under your own name is often walking the line dividing intimate thoughts and details of your life you are willing to share with the world and those you wish to keep private. Maya Angelou’s quote resonates loudly with me: “There is […]

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Write your life story in six words.

Ernest Hemingway

A LinkedIn group discussion encouraged participants today to “write your life story in six words.” Supposedly, Ernest Hemingway was posed the challenge, and his story was “For sale, Baby shoes. Never worn.” This, it turns out, is simply urban legend. However, I liked the idea. It forced me to creatively think about my life. This was the six-word life memoir […]

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